[Setup] NELZ' Enhancement Shaman

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[Setup] NELZ' Enhancement Shaman

Beitrag  MasterCobra am Sa Jan 30, 2010 2:48 pm

Hi everybody. I have been leveling my Shaman equipped with auction house green items since level 1 using pvpTool. It was a bit shaky to begin with due to my crappy gear, but with the help of a friend I have come up with a lean, mean killing machine of a setup. I'm getting about 35-40k EXP per hour fighting mobs 1-2 levels above me and am currently at level 55.

NOTE: From 60 onwards I chose to use xsbaden's setup. It proved to be a bit more useful when you unlock a few more of the shaman's best skills. However, this setup is perfect for leveling from 41-60. I would still greatly advise using it until then.

This setup works best if you respec to this talent build.

Okay, so now for the setup. By the way, all spells are hyperlinked for convenience.

Call of the Elements

I have found this the most consistent and stable way of casting your totems for every fight. I use Strength of Earth, Flametongue, Healing Spring and Windfury Totems.


Stormstrike is an epic attack which deals large damage and enhances your next 4 attacks causing nature damage by 20%. I use the Glyph of Stormstrike to get a further 8% of damage out of it. I put this as Spam with a delay of 2000ms because it's an attack that should be used whenever available.

Lesser Healing Wave

I chose this for obvious reasons. Less mana than Healing Wave and faster casting. It's more flexible all around. I made healing @ 70% HP.
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Flame Shock

I chose Flame Shock as the pull because it has a painful DOT and requires less mana than Earth Shock.

Buff #1
/castsequence reset=15 Windfury Weapon, Flametongue Weapon

Casts Windfury on your Main Hand weapon, and Flametongue on your Off Hand weapon. Good for Lava Lash.

Timed Attack #1
Lava Lash

Lava Lash. I set the delay to 8000ms.

Timed Attack #2
Earth Shock

Your most powerful single-hit Shock spell. I set this delay to 6500ms.

Timed Attack #3
Water Shield

I know this is technically a buff, but as I've seen in other setups, people seem to make the mistake of putting it on a 15 minute timer. This is bad because the "orbs" that proc and restore a large amount of mana run out waaaaaay before 15 minutes is over. I set the delay to 10000ms, as to keep all your orbs up at all times. I also use Glyph of Water Mastery and Glyph of Water Shield to give the shield 1 extra orb, and 30% more mana per second.

Target Macro
/cast [nostance, nocombat] Totemic Recall, Ghost Wolf

This is why the Improved Ghost Wolf talent is so essential. It makes Ghost Wolf an instant cast. Bind this macro to your "Target" key in pvpTool. It will cast Ghost Wolf when moving from place-to-place, saving 40% of your walking time.


For Draenei:

/castsequence reset=60 Shamanistic Rage, Gift of the Naaru

This will cast when your HP is below <Bubble HP> in your pvpTool settings. It will use Shamanistic Rage, but if that's on cooldown it will use Gift of the Naaru. If you aren't a Draenei Shaman, simply make it Shamanistic Rage. Set Bubble HP to 75% as to use it as frequently as possible, but only when you kinda need it.

Extremely Simple Food/Drink Macro

/use <your food name here>
/use <your drink name here>

I use this macro a lot, because I find it more sensible to regenerate both health AND mana when having any downtime at all...It makes the best use of your downtime. In pvpTool, just make "eat" and "drink" the same.

I hope you all like this guide and I am open to any suggestions you may have. If you like, or better yet, choose to use this setup, please thx and rep+ please

I will constantly update this guide as I level, and will implement any suggestions you may have that could improve this build, or any findings you have that increase the productivity of this Enhancement Shaman setup.

PiroX pvpTool FTW

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